Current Status: Moody and Unmotivated


I can’t even talk and explain myself to anyone. Apparently the only thing that’s working for me right now is keeping it all in (sarcasm or is it, since I’m incapable of making people understand what’s happening in my mind).

I can’t even write it out because I’m already judging myself for not thinking right.

One of the things I hate the most is a wasted day, a day I specifically set to actually do things, unfortunately that’s what today was, wasted.

What’s next? Hopefully a better day with a clearer mind.

I  was waiting for this you know…this feeling of frustration with everything, can’t say I like feeling like this way, but I do every once in a while (which sucks).


P.S. I’m not sure this was even worth writing, just because of all the negative vibes I’m feeling and posting with this.

So, to put a positive spin on things, like Dory would say: “Just keep swimming“.


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