I’m different, I get it and I’m accepting it

So, It’s a fact that I’m not your regular 21 year old, but then again, what is a regular 21 year old? Someone who has a lot of friends? Goes out partying a lot? Feels comfortable drinking with random people? Feels comfortable talking to random people? I don’t know…And those previous facts don’t actually apply to … More I’m different, I get it and I’m accepting it


I’m an intern and it feels weird. Haven’t really done anything by myself, but at the same time I’ve learned a decent amount of stuff. I should stand out more and actually practice the stuff I’m learning. It seems I’m forgeting why I’m actually here…Concentrate Pris. There’s also the fact that I barely have time … More Interning


I swear a lot in my head, and sometimes outside of my head too (maybe more than some people and less than others, I’d consider myself a normal swearer). I’m not sure what I’m getting at but I know some people are really bothered by people who swear outside of their heads. I think this … More Swearing

I don’t want to be the only one missing people

Hey So lately I’ve been having these really nostalgic feelings and stuff, especially when I drive alone. The thing is that since I don’t really have too many deep connections (or relationships) with people, it’s possible that I’m going to be missing or thinking about people who probably wont think about me (sad, I know). … More I don’t want to be the only one missing people


So, it’s my birthday today, and I don’t know how much different I am now compared to how I was when I turned 18. I know there might be some things that are different, but basically I’ve stayed the same, I’ve met some people, I’ve learned stuff, I’m in University… It’s sort of overwhelming just … More 19