Nothing seems to go right

Seriously though.

I want to be in someone else’s shoes… to see if it’s any better, if it’s worse or if it’s just the same.

I’m trying to think positive, think happy… but the older I get, the harder it seems to be to think positive and be happy. Aren’t I supposed to have everything figured out now? BUT NO.

I thought I was gonna be better by now, wtf… I suppose I’m supposed to just live with myself and get used to the person I am and the life I have… I get that you can change your life, but for me it’ll always be like this… and it sucks.

Why do I even bother having happy thoughts when it leads back to feeling like shit (if shit had feelings).

I’m sorry if you actually read this, you probably want to read something motivational about life, but no I don’t write those kinds of things, I try to, but it just doesn’t work, it’s like a lie I knowingly try to convince myself of… ‘be happy and motivated’, probably because it doesn’t last long enough for me.

At the same time I am glad you read this, because that’s why we blog right? So that someone sees a piece of the real you, even when they don’t personally know you (which makes it even better, cause the people who think they know me don’t want to read or hear about how I feel or think… cause they have their own things to deal with).

Ok bye.


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