Hey, just write out your thoughts

Lately I’ve been back and forth to some of my weird, kind of sad thoughts. I feel like one of the reasons for that is because I concentrate too much on myself and keep the thoughts running in my head, I don’t let it out… I mean I do talk sometimes with people (limited number of people), but I only ever say the least amount of thoughts I have, or I just can’t seem to explain myself, so I come of as a person that just stresses out about unimportant things just because I can’t explain myself or I don’t use the right words so that someone might understand why I am the way I am, not that I’m particularly sad or angry most times, but I can appear that way just because I’m in my head a lot. (It can be frustrating when someone doesn’t understand what you’re saying).

I don’t know if I actually explained anything, but I just needed to let some words out into the world, even if it does or doesn’t get read by others.

I always say I’m gonna journal and keep it up, or I’ll draw, practice some music or write, but I never end up doing these things because I’m too concentrated on thinking about it! The main reason I want to do these things, even if it is just for myself, is so that I can process my thoughts better without feeling stuck on an idea or a situation that might be going on in reality or something that’s just in my head.

So, with a chance of sounding super cliché, I just need to stop thinking and just DO STUFF. (I can’t just stop thinking of course, but I could stop dwelling if I tried right?)



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