I just need to start somewhere

I am kind of lost. There’s this question that keeps popping up in my head: “What are you going to do with your life Pris?” (Maybe not that exact question, sometimes it’s just a feeling and not necessarily a coherent thought).

I’ve figured out that talking about my struggle with not knowing what will happen in the future calms me, and it helps me focus or at least think of something. Right now what I need to do is apply for different things, since I seem to not really have a clear objective in mind.

I do have goals, and things I want to achieve but they’re too general, and that’s the problem I think, there’s also the fact that I could end up anywhere in the near future, in the same exact place or nowhere.

It is the first day of March 2016, so it’s a perfect time to just change my mindset, the change I’m working on as of today is to put myself out there, and not just wait for something to drop right in front of me. I’m talking about applying to different things, talking to people and looking for opportunities.

This month I’m going to do stuff, and not just any stuff, but things that have to do with helping me get a clearer idea of my future endeavors and figure out where I see myself and where I want to be. Apparently the hardest part is starting, so I’ll just have to start and see where that leads.

It’s important for me to stick with this plan, or else I’ll end up doing just menial tasks, or picking up other stuff as a form of avoiding what I really should be focusing on.




P.S. This might not have made any sense, but it kind of did…





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