Happy days

We all have our own ways of making a day a ‘good day’, and we all have our ways of spending time together during the holidays with our family. It’s nice huh? How different every family dynamic can be, and interesting. The important thing is that we spend our days being happy and appreciate our … More Happy days

I’m different, I get it and I’m accepting it

So, It’s a fact that I’m not your regular 21 year old, but then again, what is a regular 21 year old? Someone who has a lot of friends? Goes out partying a lot? Feels comfortable drinking with random people? Feels comfortable talking to random people? I don’t know…And those previous facts don’t actually apply to … More I’m different, I get it and I’m accepting it


I’m an intern and it feels weird. Haven’t really done anything by myself, but at the same time I’ve learned a decent amount of stuff. I should stand out more and actually practice the stuff I’m learning. It seems I’m forgeting why I’m actually here…Concentrate Pris. There’s also the fact that I barely have time … More Interning