Motivation, planning and overthinking

Do I lack of motivation or am I just tired?

Since this year began, and times before that, I’ve had these episodes of productiveness but then comes the dreaded episodes where I lack motivation, where I just don’t want to do anything, and that just kills the productive rhythm I was having, so that’s disheartening.

Maybe I’m tired because I’m unmotivated, or unmotivated because I’m tired, could be both, I do know I have bad sleeping habits, and sometimes bad eating habits which interfere with my energy sometimes, so that could influence the tiredness…But it’s not just that, it’s also the things shuffling in my head, in other words I think too much about small things or details and then I end up leaving things halfway through or not even starting at all.

Now that I’ve finished with my business degree it’s urgent that I fix this weird way I have of doing some things. One of the things I learned in uni is how important execution is, planning is just the beginning. So I, a business graduate, should know how important it is to set times and not over-plan, not that planning is something idle (it’s the roots), but planning wont help anything if I don’t actually go through with what I’ve thought out/planned).

Back to the question though, ‘Do I lack of motivation or am I just tired?’, I think the answer to that is simple and maybe not so simple after all (depends on how we want to see this). I don’t think I lack motivation (or maybe I do, I don’t know, my mind changes on this subject once in a while), it’s more like lacking consistency and discipline when it comes to what motivates or drives me, this probably has to do with the fact that I’m not really sure what I want to do with my life, I have a general idea but I need to focus my ideas out more. And am I just tired? but how and why, it’s more like my overthinking makes me tired.


  • Don’t overthink/over-plan
  • Plan/think
  • Actually go through with what you planned
  • Finish what you start (if you still think the plan is good)

It’s easy to not get things done so I need to constantly remind myself that I do need to get stuff done, or else I wont be getting anywhere (yes, I know stating the obvious here).




P.S. Hopefully by this time next week I will have figured out my future, or at least gotten closer to figuring it out.



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