I just needed to write something

I think I’m in a thinking slump (you know? like in a reading slump, but with my thoughts)…My mind is shuffling a lot right now, I think I’m unconsciously (or on purpose) trying to avoid thinking seriously or making those real decisions, but that’s still making a decision in its own way at the end, because It’ll just delay the real decisions I’m going to eventually make (because I will, even if it might seem like I can’t concentrate or focus right now), so that’s a decision.

With this back and forth of thinking, rethinking and overthinking I find myself not doing the things I need to do (to do lists help me out though), I haven’t been able to focus on writing and blogging (which is something I really truly want to keep up this year).

This post is really messy, but I needed to write something and put it out there, as imperfect and unedited it may seem, I like it better written out than in my head, that way I can make some space for other thoughts and hopefully feel less anxious/scared about the other stuff I seriously need to think about.

My agenda is looking pretty unchecked right now, because I don’t do things on my lists, or I’m still halfway through them, but writing out what I need to do makes it more realistic and achievable somehow.




P.S. If you’ve actually gone through with reading this post, then you’re cool and thank you… I got lost there writing this, but like I said, I needed to get something out of my head (to cool my brain off).

And what is up with all these parenthesis, oh wait, that’s just a way I write out all the words in my head that form in between other thoughts.




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