When random things make you happy

When I say random I mean little or unexpected things, something that might not really mean that much to someone else, but somehow they make me happy, probably because of the timing and such (when these random stuff appear).

These things can be the silliest things, when someone gives you a compliment, or gives you a small gift, smiles back at you…Nice conversations and such stuff, you know things that make you feel good and you can’t really define why you feel happy about something (cause maybe you’re just happy about nothing, and that’s cool too).

What is the thing that makes these things random though? Probably the unexpectedness of it, or maybe I do expect something and I don’t know what it is.

What I do know is that feeling happy, not sad, moody or angry is great, so I’ll take these random things that for some reason or another make me happy.


Count how many times I wrote ‘thing’ or ‘things’ in this post.



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