Happy days

Happy holidays

We all have our own ways of making a day a ‘good day’, and we all have our ways of spending time together during the holidays with our family. It’s nice huh? How different every family dynamic can be, and interesting. The important thing is that we spend our days being happy and appreciate our family for how it is…That’s what I’m trying to do myself, to appreciate my family for who they are, and to appreciate how we interact with each other, since no one else has the exact same family traditions on any given season (conversation starter right there).

As for my family (my parents and my brother), we love to eat and watch movies or series and just be together. It’s nice to do fancy stuff once in a while but chilling around with good company is also a great way to spend the holiday season, especially if you have a lot to catch up on and if you don’t get to see each other as often as before (changes and adulthood right around the corner).

So even if I don’t necessarily take religion into account or specific reasons to celebrate, that doesn’t mean I can’t wish people ‘Happy holidays or Happy Christmas’, what matters is that I can wish for happiness, I can let my heart feel all warm inside and stuff.

There are some days left for this December, days with good food and quality time, let’s enjoy that. Happy holidays and Happy days.

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