Caught myself daydreaming

I always have these stories in my head, which I repeat in my mind over and over again, details vary here and there. Sometimes I go overboard and do that for hours, maybe not continuously, but still, that’s a lot of time…and for me (someone who can struggle with time management) it can make me tired or unmotivated to do other stuff that I have to do, stuff outside of my head (does that make sense?).

Somehow this daydreaming thing is a habit of mine that I can’t shake off, not that it’s bad, it’s just time consuming and distracting.

I was thinking maybe I should try out writing all these scenarios I have in my head (and change some names here and there) and make stories out of them (that way I won’t go crazy repeating stuff in my head).

Now, I don’t want to stop dreaming about everything I dream of (tongue-twister there), but I do want to be more selective and focus on “doing stuff”. Like Ron Weasley says “She needs to sort out her priorities”, in this case I mean my daydreams.

Did all that make any sense though?

She needs to sort out her priorities


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