So, life changes and comfort zones

I just past my last term at university (studying business), I still have my final presentation in January (the 8th) and then I officially graduate in June. So what now/then? What will I do with my life?

My answer to those questions is ‘I don’t know’, and that’s really scary, it makes me feel anxious, excited and obviously scared for the future.

I’m not necessarily speaking only of jobs and further studies, I’m also thinking about changes in friendships, the dynamic I have with my family (which has really changed this last year), and then there is also the ‘I want to find real love in my life’ and ‘I want to be happy’ thoughts.

Right now I’m in this comfort zone, I have a part time job that I really like, even though I don’t earn much and I complain about stuff…Recently I applied to a job at another place, and it took me a while to decide if I actually wanted to even bother applying, because I wasn’t sure I could get the job and because I’m in a comfort zone…I think this is the first time I actually thought about leaving ย anytime soon the current job I have ‘for real’ (I know I can’t stay with a part time job forever), I’ve thought about leaving it after June yes, but not sooner. Then I talked to my dad and mom and they advised me to apply, even if it was just to apply, even if I didn’t get it (dad always says I should be less scared of trying out new things, yeah). Money and savings is also an issue, so I had to think seriously about ‘being an adult’ and helping out with money at home and you know, adult stuff.

The job interview was really interesting to me, cause I’ve never had an interview like that. Oh and I got the offer, which made me think about probably leaving my current job again and made me feel scared of leaving the comfort zone I’m in…I ended up not taking the offer, cause I took into consideration different things…The important think is I applied, and I have that experience now, one that I didn’t have before.

The thing is I think too much sometimes and I don’t actually do things to make those things I think about happen. I mean I have to start doing stuff, so I can make something of my life.

‘Being an adult’ is kinda scary, but I have to be.

Before writing this post I watched a video from eatyourkimchi (I love them), and you know what? It’s really inspiring that they choose to follow their dreams and do stuff even though there are difficulties (eatyourkimchi blog post/video). Watching this video reminded me that to make things happen for yourself you have to be willing to get out of your comfort zone.

So I know the future is scary and so are the changes it brings, but I still have to try and make my dreams come true, my dreams of traveling, of finding love, of maintaining great friendships, keeping in touch with my family and jobs.


I listened to these songs while writing this post (I might have paused writing this post so I could replay these).

  • Rosas by La oreja de van Gogh
  • La flaca by Jarabe de palo





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