I’m different, I get it and I’m accepting it

So, It’s a fact that I’m not your regular 21 year old, but then again, what is a regular 21 year old?

  • Someone who has a lot of friends?
  • Goes out partying a lot?
  • Feels comfortable drinking with random people?
  • Feels comfortable talking to random people?

I don’t know…And those previous facts don’t actually apply to me, but that still doesn’t mean you should define me just by the fact that I’m not like you, him or her. I mean I do a lot of other things that could define me way better.

I’m trying to experience new things, just to test myself, and because of the fact that I just want to…Which obviously leads to a lot of moments in which I feel awkward, or just tired from trying.

That I’m trying to adapt to situations doesn’t have to mean that I’m not comfortable being me, myself and I. It’s just that I feel like I should experience stuff and learn from those experiences.

At the end differences makes us interesting right? Well not to everyone, just to the right people I suppose.



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