I wish I were better at blogging

I have this ‘Digital Marketing’ class, and one of our assignments is to maintain a blog with regular posts, with the idea of studying the feedback and data that comes with it.

I’ve wanted to maintain a blog for a long time now, the thing is that I haven’t really been that dedicated so it never works out (writing a post every 4 to 6 months isn’t really blogging now is it?).

Hopefully I’ll be more motivated now that I have a lot more coherent thoughts (more or less, or something like that). I also feel kind of overwhelmed sometimes with all the things that stay in my head, cause I’m not really a talker, I’m more of a listener so I keep a lot of things to myself (my brain gets heavy from time to time).

I know that if I actually commit to writing a blog or in a journal I’ll feel better with myself and all those weird things that ‘shuffle my mind‘.

The assigned blog will be in Spanish, I’m gonna try my best to express what I care about and I’m not gonna think about what others think too much, or else I’ll just get stuck and not really say anything that I actually think matters to me.

If you read this, then thank you :).



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