I swear a lot in my head, and sometimes outside of my head too (maybe more than some people and less than others, I’d consider myself a normal swearer).

I’m not sure what I’m getting at but I know some people are really bothered by people who swear outside of their heads. I think this topic came to mind because someone recently made a comment saying I shoudn’t say ‘hell’, and that was a few days ago so why am I even thinking of this now?

I guess it just depends on the people who are around you…some don’t care, some understand you and some have the need to say something about it.

Anyways I think it
bothered me, the comment I mean…I mean I was just expessing myself for fucks sake.

Just so you know this post wasn’t even gonna happen, but I started thinking about this person (who probably just made an idle comment). Not really annoyed about this, it’s just that I’m annoyed by something else I don’t know how to write about.



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