I watched my Neighbor Totoro

This movie was soo sweet and lovely, I loved the relationship between the sisters Satsuki and Mei. A lot of the times the action speaks more than the dialogues, all those scenes of Mei being her curious self, and when she huged Satsuki because she wanted to be with her sister, she didn’t have to say that she really wanted to be with her sister, we knew she wanted to though. In the end I loved both the action and the dialogue.

I seriously loved the scene where Satsuki has Mei on her back, she’s such a sweet older sister. And it really shows how much Satsuki cares for Mei when she gets lost, not once but twice.

Totoro is a really nice character, I’m glad he showed himself to both girls :), the parents where also nice characters, they seemed to have knowing smiles in some scenes.

I recommend this movie! really really.





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